Capote Lakeland

Capote Lakeland - Best 4-years-old lusitano stallion and silver medalist

in 2011 at the Breed Show in Avenches

Capote Lakeland

Capote Lakeland is a splendiferous horse with a exceptional height. His gaits are extraodinary. With its excellent gaits we're sure, he'll succeed in dressage sports.



  • 2009 Silver medal - Breed Show, Avenches (CH)
  • 2011 Silver medal, Best 4-years old stallion - Breed Show, Avenches (CH)


Name: Capote Lakeland
Breeder: Lakeland Lusitanos

Prateado x Mexida (Xaquiro)


Birth: 01.05.2007
Height: 1.72m
Color: Grey
Graded at:  
Stud book: NSC 233177 / LN 1653