Dime Lakeland

Dime Lakeland, Lusitano-Festival 2011

Dime Lakeland

Dime Lakeland is a compact, athletic mare with lots of movement without effort. Her pedigree shows famous stallions like Xaquiro or Altivo.

  • 2009: Best 1-years old mares with silver medal - Breed Show Avenches
  • 2011: 2nd best 3-years old mares - Breed Show Avenches
  • 2013: Highest score of graded mares - Breed Show Avenches
Name: Dime Lakeland
Breeder: Lakeland Lusitanos

Uxaque x Janota (Altivo)


Birth: 06.04.2008
Height: 1.55 m
Color: Grey
Graded at: 68%
Stud book: NSC 233180 / LN 1652